• New stage

    1st February 2016 – 31st July 2016

    Adrian Regos, from the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia, will be six months with CEF researchers (Pierre Drapeau), working on breeding bird dynamics, analyzing potential drivers of change and distribution patterns. Enjoy your stay!

  • New Stage Newforests

    21st January 2016 – 21st April 2016

    Martina Sánchez-Pinillos, from the CTFC, is spending three months in CEF working with Alain Leduc and Daniel Kneeshaw. Martina will be assessing the main compositional and structural components conferring resilience of Boreal forests to spruce budworm (Choristoneura fumiferana (Clem.)) outbreaks, one of the most serious natural disturbances of fir and spruce forests in eastern Canada. Enjoy your stay!

  • New Stage Newforests

    3rd September 2015 – 4th October 2015

    Roberto Molowny, from the CREAF, is spending one month in CEF working with Liliana Pérez. Roberto will be working on biological-invasions numerical modelling with cellular automata, agent-based and swarm-intelligence algorithms. Enjoy your stay!

  • New stage!

    10th July 2015 – 10th September 2015

    Enrique Doblas, researcher in the CREAF, will spend 2 month with CEF researchers (Alain Paquette and Timothy Work). Enrique will be investigating the effects of tree diversity on soil arthropod communities in agroforestry. Identification of samples collected in Canada will be finalized and analysis of sample data will be performed.  Enjoy the stay!

  • New Newforests Stage

    10th June 2015 – 31st August 2015

    Pere Casals, from the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia, will spend three months working with CEF researchers (John William Shipley). Pere will be studying the trade-offs of different plant strategies after forest prescribed burning in Boreal and Mediterranean ecosystems. Enjoy your stay!