• Nuria Aquilué comes back to Montreal

    20th September 2016 – 7th December 2016

    Núria Aquilué, from the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia, is spending two months in CEF working on the spatial modelling of land-use changes and its interaction with fire regimes in Mediterranean and Boreal systems. Enjoy!

  • Carla Bellera New Stage

    19th September 2016 – 21th November 2016

    Carla Bellera, from the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia, is spending two months in CEF. Carla will be preparing the Capitalization Report of the Newforests project, which will present final results about knowledge gathered by project researchers.

  • New stage

    11th August 2016 – 7th January 2017

    Lluís Brotons, from the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia, will work during five months with CEF researchers (Christian Messier and Louis Imbeau) on landscape modelling and drone research development. Enjoy your stay!

  • New stage

    07th August 2016 – 09th September 2016

    Lluís Coll, from the CTFC, will be working during one month with Dan Kneeshaw and Christian Messier from CEF investigating the spatial dynamics of mixed forests in Boreal and Mediterranean ecosystems. Good luck and enjoy your stay again!


  • Roberto Molowny New Stage in Montréal

    1st August 2016 – 30th September 2016

    Roberto Molowny, from the CREAF, is spending 2 months in Montréal working with Liliana Pérez (CEF). Roberto will continue his work on biological-invasions modelling with cellular automata, agent-based and swarm-intelligence algorithms. Enjoy your stay!